Will the house have to be sold?

Again, no two cases are completely alike. Typically, one of the principle concerns of the court is how the children, and everyone else, are to be accommodated. This could mean that the family home may be sold, with the proceeds being divided such that everyone can find a new home.

Complications from this may include:

Ownership and Mortgage
If the house is jointly owned by both spouses, decisions about its future may need to be made. This includes whether one spouse will keep the house or if it will be sold.

Financial Needs of Each Spouse:
The court will consider the financial needs and obligations of each spouse, especially if there are dependent children. The primary caregiver may be given priority in staying in the family home.

Spousal Maintenance
If one spouse is financially dependent on the other, the court may consider spousal maintenance as an alternative to selling the house immediately. This allows the dependent spouse to remain in the home for a specified period.