Conveyancing Tips

Buying or selling a property can be a complex process. We have collated our top conveyancing tips and by following these tips, you will reduce any complexities and make for a smoother transaction.

  • When obtaining quotations for conveyancing solicitors’ fees, be sure that everything has been included – as well as the solicitor’s fee, there are several disbursements. Disbursements are items that the solicitor must pay out on your behalf, such as search fees or Land Registry fees.
  • Be sure that your offer has been accepted before instructing a Solicitor to commence work. Learn more about the conveyancing procedure here.
  • Ensure that you are able to secure mortgage finance, if required.  You may want to instruct your Solicitor to commence the legal work only once you have received your Mortgage Offer.  Free and impartial money advice can be found at the Government set up website – the Money Advice Service.
  • Instruct a reputable Surveyor.  You may want to ensure that you are happy with the result before instructing your Solicitor to begin work.
  • If you are purchasing a Property with another person, you should take legal advice from your Solicitor as to the ways in which you can choose to own the Property to ensure that your respective financial contributions are protected, if necessary, when the Property is sold.