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Advice regarding planning for the future

Lasting Powers of Attorney allow you to choose the people you want to make decisions on your behalf if you were to lose mental capacity and become unable to make such decisions. A Lasting Power of Attorney is completed in advance of your losing mental capacity and will minimise the distress for yourself and your… View Article

Care proceedings

In cases when a child is in danger, it is possible to hold ‘care proceedings’ on their behalf. The Council can seek to get care orders to ensure that a particular minor is safe. Our divorce experts can help people with this aspect of the law as it is an area, which we understand in… View Article

Divorce and Children

Frequently when a marriage breaks down there are children involved. There are usually so many different emotions involved during a divorce and the feelings of the children can be overlooked. We are committed to ensuring any children involved are spared the distress caused by parents separating. The Court has a ‘hands off’ approach in that… View Article

Divorce and Finance

Financial cases are always particularly difficult to deal with, which is why you need expert advice along the way. Dividing your finances between one another is a long process, but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might imagine. Our family law experts try to make every aspect of these cases as simple… View Article

Do I need a divorce?

This depends on the particular circumstances and the inclination or desire of the husband or wife. Sometimes it helps to pursue a divorce in that it provides closure or a degree of satisfaction. Parties can simply live apart for two years and agree to a divorce after that but the procedure is still the same… View Article

Domestic violence and injunctions

According to an in-depth survey by the Office for National Statistics, the number of people suffering abuse is on the rise. In 2014, there were 1.4 million reported cases of women suffering domestic abuse and also 700,000 cases of men. There is a broad area of the law which protects victims of domestic violence. In… View Article

Family Law Facts & Figures

  Bannister Preston Solicitors LLP have been providing friendly, professional family law advice for over 100 years and aim to make the whole process as straightforward as possible. Rate of Divorce – 42% of all UK marriages end in divorce. Almost 50% of all divorces involved children below the age of 16. In 67% of… View Article

Matrimonial Finances

The finances are the most difficult aspect of a separation in the majority of cases. Resources are limited and people and parties generally want to retain as much as they can for themselves. The concepts behind the finance and divorce settlements are largely the same i.e; The overriding principle applied is fairness and in most… View Article

Reduce the Pain of Divorce

Family divorce lawyers at Bannister Preston Solicitors LLP offer a comprehensive family law service. How to best manage Divorce Divorce is never painless but can be managed in a timely way and the procedure itself stress free. There are misconceptions about divorce but the procedure is generally streamlined and designed to reduce the potential for… View Article

Understanding Divorce

We know how difficult it can be when two parties decide to split. Of course, there is much more to consider here than just the financial aspects of the divorce. In sensitive situations, such as these, you need someone who has the height of discretion. It is crucial that both parties cooperate in this process…. View Article