Divorce and Children

Frequently when a marriage breaks down there are children involved. There are usually so many different emotions involved during a divorce and the feelings of the children can be overlooked. We are committed to ensuring any children involved are spared the distress caused by parents separating.

  • The Court has a ‘hands off’ approach in that the parents are encouraged to resolve the future arrangements for the children between themselves without inference by the Courts.
  • As a last resort either party can make an application or if the parties cannot agree then either Mum or Dad can ask the court to adjudicate on the arrangements and where the children are to live.

Our Professional family law solicitors provide a sensitive and compassionate service with regard to divorce and children.

In custody cases, it is of the utmost importance that the children’s needs are your top priority. If the divorce is not amicable, you may need a third party to mediate between the two of you. In these instances, we can give you the support you need. There are particular elements of the law to which you will have to adhere. There is a wealth of advice out there, and you have the legal right to it. Although this time might be emotionally taxing, you have to ensure that you care for your child’s wellbeing. Throughout the collaborative process, we can aid you in communicating with the other party. This aspect of our service is often essential to the court case itself.