Reduce the Pain of Divorce

Family divorce lawyers at Bannister Preston Solicitors LLP offer a comprehensive family law service.

How to best manage Divorce

Divorce is never painless but can be managed in a timely way and the procedure itself stress free. There are misconceptions about divorce but the procedure is generally streamlined and designed to reduce the potential for conflict.

If you are looking for Family divorce lawyers who can provide that specialist help to reach a fair and satisfactory outcome at this difficult time look no further.

There needs to be an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage but only one party needs to feel that. Often one party is left bewildered and bereft at the breakdown of the relationship. The other party, meanwhile, is already forging ahead and possibly establishing a new life and/or relationship.

How to make Divorce easier

The fact is it only really takes one party to believe the marriage is over for it to be over.

However there is some good news in that: –

  • If there is to be a divorce you do not have to go to Court.
  • The divorce itself is conducted in writing with the Court. If one party relies on unreasonable behaviour it does not have to be admitted.
  • If adultery is cited then the third party is rarely named and indeed the Court discourages this as it just adds further to the potential for conflict.