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Benefits of making a Lasting Power of Attorney

Plan in advance who you want to appoint as an Attorney to make decisions on your behalf Stipulate how you want your Attorney to make decisions Minimise the distress for yourself and your family and friends if you were to lose mental capacity by having a Lasting Power of Attorney in place When setting up… View Article

Benefits of writing a Will

Choose who you appoint as Executors- they will be responsible for carrying out the administration of your Estate. Set out your funeral wishes. For advice on changing your Will, click here. Choose who inherits under your Will- provide for your family and friends or favourite charities. Ensure that your look after your unmarried partner, as… View Article

Court of Protection

If a loved one loses the mental capacity to make their own decisions and they do not have a Lasting or Enduring Power of Attorney (pre-October 2007) then we can make an application on your behalf to the Court of Protection for a deputy to be appointed to manage the property and affairs or personal… View Article

Ordinary Powers of Attorney

Relating to Wills and Probate, an Ordinary Power of Attorney allows you to appoint an Attorney to deal with your financial affairs whilst you still remain mentally capable. You may wish to complete an Ordinary Power of Attorney if you need somebody to deal with your affairs relatively quickly, for instance this may be needed… View Article

When should I change my Will?

Marriage  automatically revokes your existing Will and you would need to make a new one. However if you are due to be married we can make a provision that your future marriage will not revoke your Will. Separation  If you are separated from your spouse but not yet divorced then they will have a claim against… View Article

Will registration on a national Wills register

As members of Certainty Will Registration Service, our wills service will register your Will free of charge on The National Wills Register.  Your Will remains confidential but having it registered means that it can be easily located by your Executors following your death. Learn more about the benefits of writing a will here.

Writing a will – the right way

Anxious about writing a will? Bannister Preston Solicitors LLP will draft your Will to give you the peace of mind that your Will reflects your wishes and provides for the people you want to inherit your estate. If you do not have a Will the laws of Intestacy provide a set list of rules which… View Article